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CIVR VQR 2004-2008

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Committee for Evaluation of Research (CIVR)

2004-2008 EXERCISE

Call for Area Panelists for the 2004-2008 Exercise
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Deadline for submission: 06.30.2010 08.31.2010

The Ministerial Decree no. 8 on March 19th, 2010 establishes the general principles and the temporal articulation of the Five-Year Research Evaluation 2004-2008 Exercise.

The VQR is aimed at evaluating the scientific performance of the following Structures:

Structure evaluation is organized in Areas that are consistent with the 14 Areas of the University Italian Council (CUN):

Area Name
01 Mathematics and Computer Sciences
02 Physics
03 Chemistry
04 Earth Sciences
05 Biology
06 Medicine
07 Agricultural and veterinary sciences
08 Civil Engineering and Architecture
09 Industrial and Information Engineering
10 Ancient History, Philology, Literature and Art History
11 History, Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology
12 Law
13 Economics and Statistics
14 Political and Social Sciences

For each Area a Panel is set, made by highly qualified experts, also foreigners, chosen according to their scientific expertise and previous evaluation experience [1]. The legal representatives of the Structures that are being evaluated cannot be part of Panels.

Panelists cannot be more that 540; they are proposed by the CIVR and nominated by the Minister.

Each Panelist will be paid according to art. 13, comma 3) of the Ministerial Decree no. 8 on March 19th, 2010. Panelists elect their own President on-line.

Panels have the responsibility to evaluate the quality of each publication selected by the Structures, in order to set a ranking list of the Structures in each Area.

In order to avoid loss of the experience matured in the 2001-2003 VTR, and in order to quickly decide on the methodology each Panel will use for the evaluation of the publications according to art. 8 comma 2 of the MIUR M.D. no. 8 on March 19th, 2010, the CIVR proposes, for each of the 14 Areas, to the Minister confirmation of the Panelists who participated in the previous research evaluation exercise (VTR). Furthermore, the CIVR indicates for each Panel one or more Observers as representatives of the CIVR itself, for establishing the aforesaid methodology that will be used for publication evaluation.

In order to judge the quality of the publications selected by the Structures, in this first phase Panels adopt either one or both of the following two methodologies, taking into consideration both the procedures used and accepted internationally and the disciplinary specificity [2]:

a) citation analysis (where possible) carried out directly by each Panel, which uses for that aim the data banks selected with the CIVR;

b) peer-review, carried out by Experts chosen by all Panelists (no more than two); Experts will anonymously express the judgment on the quality of the publications subjected for evaluation.

Only for this first phase, each of the 14 Panels nominates its own internal Coordinator whose functions end with the following election of the President of the Panel [3]. This latter election occurs after integration of further Panelists based on the number and type of publications to be evaluated. Anyway, the total number of Panelists cannot be more than 540.

For the aims of the aforesaid integration of Panelists, the CIVR invites the scientific community to point out experts, also foreigners, based on the following criteria:

For the aims of Panel composition, the CIVR considers the following criteria:

Panelists commit themselves to respect the following code of conduct:

Submissions for Panelists for the VQR must reach the CIVR by June 30th, 2010 August 31st, 2010, using only the on-line form linked below.

Rome, April 28th, 2010

The President of the CIVR
Prof. Franco Cuccurullo

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[1] For those Areas characterized by a particular disciplinary heterogeneity and high number of publications to be evaluated, the CIVR within the Panels can set sub-Panels with specific disciplinary expertise.

[2] Such methodological suggestions will be available at least one month before the deadline of the publication selection procedures by the Structures (art. 8, comma 2 of the M.D.).

[3] ll activities of the Coordinator end with the election of the President of the Panel.

CIVR - Committee for Evaluation of Research
VQR - Five-year research evalutation (VQR) - 2004-2008 exercise